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Charity News

BH Presents Cheque

Brian Harding Presents £5000 from the Openwork Foundation

Charity Cycle Challenge

Back In the saddle for the 2013 Challenge

Phillipines Charity

Openwork charity fund to help build a new school for the children of the dumpsite in Manilla

Business Protection

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Croydon Financial Services provide comprehensive and objective financial advice of the highest quality to our clients.

We help our clients achieve their financial goals, by defining objectives and developing relevant strategies for accumulation and preservation of wealth.

We provide the highest level of support to implement, maintain and update appropriate strategies in light of changing goals or economic conditions.

Running a profitable business requires planning and organisation.  The success of a company is reliant on the business owners contribution and the valuable input from individual members of staff.

If a company's structure is disrupted through the death or critical illness of one of these members, a company's future could be seriously compromised.

Croydon Financial Services can provide valuable information on how to protect the business and its owners against unforeseen circumstances, to ensure the business has sufficient financial stability at such times.

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